12 Fun Family Car Games You Can Play on Long Road Trips

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A road trip is always exciting. We can spend weeks or months planning the big road trip and finding places to stop at between destinations to stretch our legs. But what about the hours spent in our vehicle? How can you keep children entertained and avoid the constant “Are we there yet?” The answer is car games. Save yourself from antsy passengers with these 12 fun family car games you can play on long road trips provided by the Volkswagen experts at Muller Volkswagen!

12. Punch Buggy (No Punch Back)Fun Car Games

Volkswagen Beetles are the “punchline” for this game. This has been a popular driving game since the 1960s when Volkswagen Beetles were at their peak popularity. Playing is simple. You look all around you to try and find a Beetle. When you spot one, you say the color of the car and lightly punch someone nearby while also saying, “No punch back”. For instance, “Red punch buggy, no punch back.” You need to express that punches are not supposed to be painful.

11. I Spy

“I spy with my little eyes…” This game is played the same in a car as it is at home or school. The person must see something and then describe it without telling others what it is. The other people in the car can then guess at what may be seen. It can be anything inside or outside of the car. The best bet though is to make sure that it isn’t going to be passed before others can guess what it may be.

10. The Quiet Game

This game is perfect for rowdy kids in a car because no matter how many safety features a vehicle has, it may not stop rowdiness. Kids being rowdy can cause you to risk your safety. If they are bickering a lot or cranky over the long trip, challenge them to play the quiet game. The first person to break the silence whether with words or giggles is the loser. You can add extra fun by encouraging kids to make silly faces or something else to try and make the other person break their silence.

9. Play Compliments

This game involves the alphabet and being nice. To play it, you only have to pick a person in the car and say something nice about them based on the alphabet letters. For instance, “Mary is adorable.” For the next compliment, “Jacob is brainy” and “Mom is cool.” Keep going through the alphabet for as long as possible without skipping letters.

8. Twenty Questions

When playing 20 questions, you have very few rules. A player must think of a person, place or thing. Then another person in the car can ask twenty “Yes” or “No” questions. The goal is to try and figure out what the other person is thinking of. You can leave it open or you can have the thinker say, “I’m thinking of a…animal, place or household item.” Some examples of good questions may include, “Is it big?”, “Is it Red?”, or “Does she have red hair?”

7. Host a Spelling Bee

Who says you cannot learn while on a road trip? This game can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. If you have younger children, you may want to stick with three and four-letter words. If they are older, you may want to challenge them with hard words. You may even allow them to use the phone to quiz you on how to spell some words.

6. Create a Story

Story games are always fun and there are several different ways you can play it. You can say a single word and have your child or children add one word to yours. “I…”, “I need…”, “I need to…” Each person says one word and then the other person adds to it. If this is not good or easy enough for your kids, you could say a full sentence and have them come up with the next. “I need to go buy a gallon of milk.” which could be followed by, “Our milk is turning green.” Add more sentences to make a full story.

Another version of the story idea is to watch people who are in a car next to you for a few minutes. Then challenge your kids to come up with those people’s names, where they are going, whether they have a dog or a farm, etc. Regardless of which story creation idea you choose to go with, encourage kids to be as silly as they want to.

Road Trip Games5. Would You Rather…

When you play, “Would you rather…” the possibilities are endless. Would you rather…eat spinach or go to school? Would you rather…have no hair or have hairy toes? You can encourage your child to tell why they chose one over the other.

4. Sing A Song

Who doesn’t love to sing? This game is especially fun for toddlers and preschool-aged children.  You can sing the “ABC song” or any other that they know and love. If you have older kids, a game of karaoke along with the radio can be fun as well.

3. License Plate Games

There are several versions of License plate car games. Which you play will depend on what will keep your passengers happy. When traveling down the interstate or major highways, you can get your kids to look for license plates. You may have them write down the state that the car is from. The person with the most unique states is the winner. If they are unable to spell the state names, you can have them say it out loud, perhaps putting a tally mark for each one they call out. Either way, it is a great way to help kids learn their state names.

Another way to play involves the letters on most license plates. If you see the initials, “KRB” have kids come up with what that could stand for: “King Red Bottoms”.

2. Rhyming Words

Kids in the lower grades are encouraged to practice rhyming often. There is no better time to do this than when you are taking a long road trip. To play, someone can say a word, “hat” and then everyone else in the vehicle can take turns coming up with words that rhyme with it. A new word is chosen when no one can come up with another word.

1. Create a Travel Journal

A travel journal is always fun. Smaller kids can draw pictures rather than write, but the overall goal is to write down things that they may see while riding. An adult in the car may write that they saw the new Volkswagen Golf at mile marker 121. You may write down how often you stop for gas to figure out your fuel economy and compare it to how many times your kids feel the need to refuel on drinks. Kids may write that they saw a brown car in South Carolina.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a road trip when the opportunity comes around. However, to make sure that your family can play together, you must first do what you can to ensure their safety. When playing family games you can play safely in the car, you do not want to ever have to worry about something going wrong. Volkswagen offers family-sized vehicles that meet or exceed all safety ratings for vehicles. This protects your family and allows you to focus on the fun of traveling rather than stress.

Volkswagen has always provided safe and comfortable vehicles. If you would like to know more about today’s best safety features, contact Muller Volkswagen today.

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