Benefits of Size In A Modern Driver’s SUV

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The SUV has been around since the 1920s and has been a utilitarian vehicle ever since. Then the Volkswagen Atlas rolled around in style, grace and usability were combined with the driver in mind. Over the years the SUV many new models have entered the market, but the Atlas remains one of the leading vehicles.

SUVs are popular amongst drivers for many reasons. In the past, drivers steered clear from the model as gas prices skyrocketed and tough economic times halted further purchases. To contend with this, many SUV manufacturers innovated and changed the look and design of the car to compete with lower priced smaller vehicles.

One of the best features of an SUV is the roominess. At Volkswagen in Libertyville, our main concern is placing drivers with a ride that they’re bound to feel comfortable in and safe.

Size Features

There are many accommodations that SUVs provides that cars cannot. One of those is the advantage of multiple seating arrangements. The Volkswagen Atlas has three rows of seats. This can fit up to nearly nine passengers and this makes it similar to vans, but with a sleeker look. The extra row at the back can also be folded down for extra trunk space. It’s great for large families that have to pack a lot of bodies or belongings inside of it.

There is also the added ability of being able to fold down the second row for large ticket items. This is a great option for drivers who aren’t interested in driving a truck but having many of the same benefits as one. The covered space doesn’t have to contend with the elements outside either.

Atlas and Versatile Strength

Walk into the dealership at Libertyville and look at the towing capabilities of an SUV on the Volkswagen Atlas. Not only does this vehicle have space for extra cargo, but the additional ability to pull boats, trailers and other attachments that can’t be hauled from a small car. This is something a truck can do, but definitely not something a car would be capable of handling.

While the SUV is considerably heavier, it gives drivers a better handle on the vehicle. This helps contend with shoddy weather conditions and uncleared roads in the winter. A great feature many drivers hope to have is an all wheel drive function. With increased handling, comes increased safety. SUVs have increased visibility along with their handling and this leads straight into more safety features.

These cars won’t get bogged down in the mud or stopped by a stray puddle in a rainstorm and can generally handle poor roads better than low-to-earth cars. For further protection, most SUVs have a grill on the front that stops debris in their tracks. The size and features of this vehicle benefits it in the long haul.

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