3 Driving Tips for New Drivers

May 7th, 2018 by

Driving a prized Volkswagen Atlas around Libertyville is a true privilege, and nobody wants to have that privilege taken away from them, especially new drivers. Being a new driver is an exciting time in a person’s life, but it can also be a nerve-wracking one.

New drivers are often under a lot of pressure from skeptical family and friends and often find themselves being extra cautious on the road due to fear of fulfilling everyone’s prophecies that  they will get into an accident sooner or later. Being cautious is a good thing, but being too slow on the road can do a lot more damage than good.

There are a few tips every new driver should follow to ensure a safe ride on the road.

1. Follow the Speed Limit

The first rule to carry out meticulously is that drivers need to follow the speed limit. New drivers often do not go over the speed limit but have a tendency to go slower than they should. Going too slow can easily cause the vehicle that is behind one’s car to crash into them and therefore create the disaster that the driver was attempting to avoid in the first place. If one is driving too slowly they are giving the wrong message to the vehicles behind them and the other drivers may think something is wrong with the road, creating a lot of confusion and unnecessary delays.

2. Check Mirrors Regularly

New drivers are often so busy concentrating on staying in their lines and merging correctly that they forget to check their mirrors regularly. Checking mirrors is so important because it allows a driver to know the current circumstances on the road, and when driving, drivers should always be ready for absolutely anything. The only way to be ready is by staying informed and that is why the mirrors need to be checked on a regular basis.

3. Make Slow Turns

Even if the light is green new drivers should always take precautions when making turns. An alarming number of accidents occur during turns because drivers often have less control over their vehicle while it’s turning, and many individuals are not keeping their eyes peeled and exercising the necessary precaution when they make a turn. Slowing down during turns also gives one more control of their vehicle.

Following the speed limit, checking mirrors regularly, and making slow turns may seem like simple things for someone who has earned their license, but they are absolutely vital to ensure that one stays safe on the road. Following these rules not only keeps the driver safe but also keeps the other drivers and pedestrians on the road safe as well.