4 Advantages of a Small Vehicle

March 14th, 2018 by

These days purchasing the right automobile is a challenge. The sheer number of special options and car brands is enough to make even the most sensible driver’s head spin. This being said, it is relatively easy to narrow the search with a guidance, based on the projected use of this new vehicle.

While certain applications require a larger storage area or maximum horsepower, others require more subtle advantages.Take city driving for example. A large, powerful truck is sure to be a headache in such conditions. It can be difficult to park and maneuver when surrounded by a large quantity of urban traffic. Thus, environment and specific use is of utmost important in deciding what type of car to by. With this in mind, presented here is a list of 4 advantages of small vehicles, for the consideration of future car owners:

  1. Easy Parking

Small cars, such as the Volkswagen Jetta available at dealerships in Libertyville, are compact, plain and simple. Where space is an issue, such as major cities or houses with a small garage, a smaller vehicle size can prove easier to store, saving money and energy down the line. Running up and down the block looking for a big enough parking spot is not a popular pastime for anyone. Many cities in Europe have seen a boom in the mini-car market, with ultra-compact cars lined up and down the block. A communal awareness of the  use of public space has led to smaller cars, providing more parking spots as a result.

  1. Maneuverable

Another factor to consider within the confines of an urban center is the maneuverability of a vehicle. While larger trucks and vans have a difficult time managing narrow downtown alleys and heavy traffic, smaller vehicles will zip across town, hitting all the shortcuts with ease. Not only is parking generally faster, so is expected travel time. Switching lanes in the middle of a traffic jam has never been easier.

  1. Fuel Efficient

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the difference a small vehicle makes is quite significant. Lighter, more aerodynamic vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Jetta, are able to reach higher average mileage per gas tank due. For those who drive to and from work every day, the expense of fuel adds up very quickly. Those saving on fuel with a small efficient vehicle will surely be able to line their pockets with unspent cash. In addition, small cars produce fewer carbon emissions, minimizing any negative driving impact on the environment.

  1. Can Always Get Roof Rack

For those concerned about vehicle storage, it is worth noting that small vehicles can still serve very well for long-term travel plans. Additional storage units such as a roof rack are easily installed on smaller cars to increase their vertical storage. Thus, car buyers considering a small car but hesitating on storage concerns have found their solution.

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