4 Amazing Perks of Buying a Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville

October 8th, 2018 by

Driving in the city like in Libertyville can be very challenging especially with the city’s tight streets that are often packed with other motorists and the limited parking space in the area. Therefore, if you are a city driver, it is a smart move to get a compact car. Having a compact car like the Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville can prove to be very convenient to a driver like you. To fully appreciate what car like this can offer you, here are the amazing perks of owning a Jetta in the city.


  1. It is compact enough to let you drive with ease in narrow streets


The size of this car is perfect for everyday city driving. Since it is compact, it can easily run along with other cars in traffic. Switching lanes is also easy if you only have a small car to control. Moreover, even if it is a compact car, it carries a strong turbo engine under the hood, which ensures to deliver great power to its wheels. Therefore, when the road transforms from being a city street into an open highway, this car will let you accelerate more so you can drive with acceptable speed on the open highway.


  1. Its size is a perfect fit for city parking areas


The compact size of this car is another advantage when it comes to parking. Since the city has a very limited space for parking, it greatly helps that you have a small car that you can easily maneuver even when in a tight parking spot. Sometimes, you even need to be very good at doing parallel parking because that is the only available space. With this car, you will never worry about parking because you can squeeze its tight body in any available space. Moreover, with amazing handling, you can reverse park or parallel park with utmost ease.


  1. It offers a decent back seat room


If you shuttle people every now and then, you can take advantage of this car’s decent back seat space. Passengers can comfortably sit at the back thanks to the ample legroom and headroom of this car. When not in use and you need more cargo space, you can use the back seat space to put your stuff in. For instance, if you went grocery shopping, you can still use this car to haul your groceries from the supermarket to your home without any hitches. Its powerful engine can definitely handle that grocery load.


  1. It looks amazing


This sedan has a clean look and decent styling that you will surely love. It has a lot of personalities that you can rarely find in a sedan. Most sedans look the same but this car is a stand out because of its sexy and striking lines. Moreover, although it has a conservative appeal, it still draws the crowd in. You can definitely make several heads turn when you are seen confidently driving this amazing ride.