4 Amazing pre-owned Volkswagen cars that you can buy without breaking the bank

November 12th, 2018 by

Volkswagen has been manufacturing high-quality and reliable vehicles for more than 80 years. It is a household name for some of the best cars in the market. whether brand new or used. If you want to buy a VW without breaking the bank, it is recommended that you buy a pre-owned model. A car from this manufacturer that is only a couple of years old can provide the quality and service similar to a new model but at a much lower price. When you go to a Volkswagen dealership in Libertyville, some of the models you should consider buying pre-owned include the Golf, Jetta, Touareg, and of course, the Beetle.

  1. The VW Golf

If you are on a limited budget but want a car you can depend on, then the VW Golf is one of the safest choices. This car is a good-looking hatchback that is available in two-door and four-door configurations. This vehicle takes pride in its amazing fuel economy, which allows you to make bigger savings when you own it. When it comes to road dynamics, this car is ahead of the pack. It is swift and agile, making it the perfect car for the driver who rides with a shot of adrenaline. Although it is a compact vehicle, it offers enough cabin space for the regular everyday driver.

  1. The VW Jetta

The VW Jetta exudes luxury but you can buy it preloved without breaking the bank. This classy sedan is known to make people take a second look when it passes by. It is known to command attention and its beautiful stance requires more than just a quick glance. The inside of the car matches its outside. It comes with a luxurious trim and you would instantly notice that premium feel when you take your seat. In terms of performance, this vehicle goes above and beyond. It is a fast car that has fairly good fuel efficiency.

  1. The VW Touareg

For more hauling power, the Touareg is the VW car you can buy even on a limited budget. This SUV is ideal for people who want a bulky car that intimidates. Since it is a bigger car, it is also perfect as a family car. It offers a lot of cargo space and has a wide seating area so passengers never feel cramped. It is one of the best cars you can bring on a cross-country adventure.

  1. The VW Beetle

Of course, when we talk about VW, it is a mortal sin to miss mentioning the legendary Beetle. This car has been one of the longest vehicles in production for this brand. Its epic appearance is what signature VW is. Not only is this car unique-looking, but it is also an inexpensive choice among city drivers. It may not be the fastest car on the road but it is a pretty reliable vehicle that comes with a decent fuel economy.