4 Common Myths about Buying a Car

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While everyone buys a vehicle sooner or later, there is still a lot of myths surrounding purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. Car buying is still very focused on negotiations, but the internet has changed many purchasing standards. People can easily research prices and find the best deal. While they will still need to discuss price, dealerships are more willing to help people find the vehicle they need, even if it is located on another lot.

Before venturing to a car lot for the first time, read through some of these common myths about car buying.

Vehicles are Only Worth What They Sell for

While the sales price is a good indication of what the current market is offering for a specific vehicle, this amount is always changing. In addition to looking at classified ads for similar vehicles, look up the “book value” of the car. This key information can act as leverage during a negotiation.

There is No Need to Negotiate at a Dealership

Negotiations are a standard part of car buying no matter where a person makes the purchase. Dealerships have a lot of flexibility in terms of prices and additional services. Never assume that the best deal is being offered. Talk to the salesperson about cash discounts, special promotions, and additional options that could lower the out-of-pocket price on the vehicle.

It’s Okay to Walk Away from a Dealership

In the past, if a negotiation went south, the customer could just walk away and find another dealership. The truth is that most dealerships can help shoppers find vehicles that are in their price range. If they have their hearts set on a specific make and model, the dealership may be able to help them find a used model that meets their needs and still has the lower price tag.

Cars at a Dealership are Always Perfect

One big mistake people make when working with VW dealers in Libertyville is that the car they are purchasing is going to be in perfect working order. While new cars are under warranty, used cars can still have unaddressed issues. Getting a vehicle report can help uncover some forms of hidden damage, but it isn’t a tell-all. Many people repair their cars without reporting it to their insurance.

The best way to ensure a vehicle is in top working condition is to have it inspected by a third party. Check with a local mechanic about inspection services before purchasing the car. Check with the dealership to get permission before taking it to the mechanic. If the dealership is insistent on not letting anyone examine the vehicle, it could be a sign not to buy.

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