4 Volkswagen cars that are best for an everyday city commute

November 11th, 2018 by

Driving in the city is a lot more challenging than driving in the countryside. There are lots more cars on the road, which can lead to a longer time of being stuck in traffic. Moreover, city roads are often tighter than those in the countryside so having a huge car poses additional difficulty. If you are an everyday city driver, you should consider a Volkswagen for your daily commute. There are compact cars such as the iconic Volkswagen Beetle or the reliable Passat that can truly make everyday driving in Libertyville fun, comfortable, and safe. Here are some of the models and the reasons why you should consider them.

  1. GTI

The GTI is described by many as a flawless craftsmanship from the German automaker. It is a practical car to have in the city because it is compact enough to easily fit in tight streets but it still provides ample cabin room for the everyday commuter. Another advantage of its compact size is that it is easy to park even in a tight garage or street parking area. Squeezing through traffic is also easy on this car because of its amazing maneuverability. As mentioned, it is a practical car for city driving because of its superb fuel economy. Therefore, even if a traffic jam is a daily occurrence, you will not be burning fuel into waste with this vehicle. To top all of these, the GTI has a shiny and attractive interior.

  1. CC

The CC is an amazing car with timeless appeal. Its classy demeanor is something that many drivers admire and this never loses its magic. Whenever a CC drives by, car enthusiast will turn their heads for another look. To match its good looks, the CC has a premium interior that guarantees a comfortable drive. The seats are properly designed to ensure minimal strain even if you get stuck in traffic. The CC is great for city driving and it is also amazing for long-distance driving. Its V6 engine is powerful enough to haul almost anything and it can easily go the distance.

  1. Beetle

VW will not be the brand we know today if not for the Beetle. This is the signature car that defines this brand. Its unique look worked well for it, which made it a memorable car since its initial launch. For over 60 years, this sports coupe has been in production because it is truly reliable. Even today, there are still a lot of Beetle cars out there. If you get this car, it is likely that it will last a lifetime due to its durability even with long-time use and abuse.

  1. Passat

The Passat is one of the fastest cars from the German carmaker. If you need speed in the city, then this is the car that you can turn to. Its V6 engine delivers a lot of power that makes it super athletic. This is the car that will let you get ahead the other cars in the big city.