4 Ways to Make Your Car More Kid-Friendly

November 15th, 2017 by

Keep Snacks in Your Car

Before having children, individuals did not have to think about what they brought into their vehicles. Afterwards, however, planning ahead of time became a crucial aspect of life. When parents have children, they need to always be two steps ahead, as being prepared for the unexpected is partially what makes a great parent. Families who often find themselves in the car can quickly find out that making it more kid-friendly can help their kids keep their excitement levels at bay. Whether a family is stuck in traffic in Libertyville or taking their Volkswagen Jetta on a road trip, it is important for them to have access to food. Children who are hungry are often more prone of throwing a fit or getting antsy, which is why keeping plenty of snacks in one’s trunk can be of great value.

Keep a Change of Clothes in the Trunk

When trying to turn one’s car into a kid-friendly environment, it is important to try and cover every single base. Take clothing for example, while kids will be dressed when in a vehicle, accidents can happen very quickly. At times, driving back to one’s residence to get a change of clothes will not be necessary, which can result to an uncomfortable child having to go through their day in dirty clothing. In order to prevent this from occurring, parents can benefit from keeping a change of clothes in their trunk. As a matter of fact, keeping a backpack filled with alternate clothing options for one’s kids can be a life-saver.

Keep Blankets and Pillows in the Trunk

Another thing to consider when trying to make a car more kid-friendly is loading the trunk with blankets and pillows. Families that often go on long drives and/or road trips can benefit from making their backseat as comfortable as possible. During long drives, it is customary for children to take naps, however, sleeping in a car can be difficult. Parents who have packed blankets and pillows in their trunk can offer their kids the most comfortable car ride yet.

Store Books and Toys in the Backseat

While it would be ideal for children to sleep for the entire duration of a drive, this is far from possible, which is why being prepared is essential. Children need to be stimulated in order for them to remain calm and collected. Storing away some books and toys in the backseat can help children tune down their excitement and enjoy themselves quietly. However, when placing toys in the backseat, ensuring that there are no small objects that can be ingested is key, especially when there is a toddler or baby in the backseat.

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