5 Ideas for Keeping Toddlers Entertained in the Car

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Having kids along for a drive can be fun, as long as they stay entertained. Having a fussy toddler may not be as fun. Even on short rides, life is much easier when a toddler is busy. Since parents can’t always guarantee they will only be driving during nap time, it is best to have plenty of things available. This makes for a happy child, and a safe drive since the parent can focus on the road and the trip at hand.

  1. Play Music

Kids love music, and toddlers are huge fans of classic tunes like the wheels on the bus and the itsy bitsy spider. Playing a CD geared towards that age group can keep a toddler occupied for a long time. Parents can teach little ones some dance moves they can use in their car seats. If a CD isn’t available, singing the songs out loud helps engage the whole family, making the music more fun for everyone.

  1. Coloring

Parents can make a coloring kit out of an old baby wipe container. They can put a small activity book and some crayons in the kit to make sure toddlers have all they need right there. It is a good idea to put in more than one of each color. If a little one drops one of the favorites, a mess can be prevented by having a spare on hand. Too many parents know the struggle of having to pull over to retrieve a dropped item.

  1. Cards

For older toddlers learning shapes, numbers, or letters, flashcards are fun to have in the car. The child can look through these and find excitement in shouting out the ones they know, and try to guess any they aren’t quite sure of. If older kids are along for the ride, they can help the younger ones out and make a game of looking through the cards. A bright deck of cards can be used in place of flash cards to keep a toddler occupied, or parents can make their own.

  1. Books

Picture books are a toddler favorite. Bringing a few along can keep the toddler busy while getting an early start on a love for reading. Sensory books with touch or sound can make the trip fun and keep tiny hands busy while they explore the pages. Sticker books are another tried and true favorite for many little ones and can often be bought cheaply at a local dollar store.

  1. DVD Players

Some parents are lucky enough to have a Volkswagen Atlas that is equipped with DVD player, keeping kids busy while they travel around Libertyville. For those without player installed, having them added is an option. Handheld portable DVD players or tablets can often be less expensive than some people may think and accomplish the same purpose.

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