5 Reasons the Volkswagen Atlas Is a Great Car in Libertyville

October 6th, 2018 by

Volkswagen is a household name when it comes to high-quality cars that can cater to a range of needs and requirements of people. One of the best models from this brand is the Volkswagen Atlas and it is one of the most amazing cars that you can own in Libertyville. This car is a good-looking SUV that was manufactured with ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind. In a sense, it is an enjoyable car to drive that doesn’t sacrifice driving comfort and safety while making sure that it is agile enough to accelerate fast when you need it to.

If you are shopping for a reliable SUV that offers premium features, take a look at the reason it is awesome to own this car.

  1. It is the biggest SUV on the VW lineup

If size matters greatly to you then you would be glad to know that this car is the biggest SUV on the VW lineup. Although this brand has compact cars and compact SUVs, it didn’t hold back when it came to this vehicle. In the technical sense, this SUV is 16.5 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide, and it offers a lot of space inside. Whether it is for passenger space or cargo space, this car is as massive as it can get.

  1. It comes with a design that demands people to stare

When it comes to great looks, this car’s appearance isn’t something that you just look at and move on. When you see this SUV on the street, it is sure that will go for another look. You might even stare longer because it is hard to believe how marvelous this car is. It is muscular but has the ideal curves in the right places, which allows it to seduce even the clueless onlooker. It has a powerful stance that tells how well it can perform on the open road. It is massive that it will definitely dwarf other cars driving right beside it. This SUV is a car packed with a ton of confidence.

  1. Its dashboard is well-engineered

Some cars are difficult to drive because their dashboards are not properly designed. The controls are difficult to learn and the positions weren’t optimized. This is something that the Atlas excels in because its interior cockpit is designed to optimize the driving experience. Controls are easily reachable so that finding them will never distract you from driving. Aside from making driving easier, it also ensures that your driving is safe.

  1. It is reasonably fuel efficient

Since it is a massive car, it requires a little more fuel to run compared to smaller vehicles. Still, its demands for its fuel needs is still pretty decent. It doesn’t put even a single drop of fuel to waste because its engine design is optimal. Even with its size, it is economical to bring even on long distance drives.