A Few Tips to Help Sell a Car to Dealership

November 16th, 2018 by

Looking to purchase a new vehicle or make some extra? It could be a good to look for some VW dealers who will take a used car in the Libertyville area. Chances are they may be looking to add to their inventory, especially if it’s a model that’s a bit underserved in their region. It takes time to get a great sale. Knowing how to make the vehicle look more marketable will help drive the demand up for it. Here are some tips to help make this process easier.

Keep Tabs on the Maintenance

One of the things that’s make it unfavorable to buy a vehicle is if it runs improperly. Take time to ensure that it gets regular checkups. This will give more confidence to the buyer that the vehicle can still last some years. Make sure everything from maintenance on oil, brake fluid, transmissions, antifreeze, and even the windshield washer are all good to go. Also, keep records of everything. If the car has been in possession for a while, it’s a sign of good faith to have documentation from regular service updates. The more confidence the dealership has in seeing the amount of care taken to keep the vehicle in good condition, the easier it’ll be to sell. Another thing to do is clean the vehicle.

Do a Clean Up Job

No one wants a messy vehicle. Also, it’s a good way to protect one self from different things. For example, there could be some important documents (outside of the title of the car), that could have sensitive data. Make sure to go through any paperwork and get it out of the car. Then see about doing a detailing job on the inside and outside of the vehicle. Also, see if there any scratches and dents that can be repaired. While it’s a small investment, it could help to negotiate a higher price for the vehicle. It’ll be less work on the buyer to make it presentable to sell to someone else. Speaking of selling, make sure it’s done in the right time of the year.

Sell it at the Right Time

It’s important to know when to sell a vehicle. For example, if it’s a truck, it could be a great sale in the Fall just due to the winter season coming up. If there was more of two-door convertible, it may be perfect in late Spring due to the warmer weather. This basic knowledge can make it more appealing for a dealership to purchase a vehicle, because they may be on the verge of getting rid of old inventory. This can help them prepare for a season where a certain car model could be in high demand.

These are a few reasons to a sell vehicle at a reputable facility.