Advanced Car Technology: What is Expected From Volkswagen

November 3rd, 2018 by

The VW Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) has been busy as they are quickly coming up with technology that is set to revolutionize the Volkswagen driving experience. The ERL is developing vehicles that are capable of self-driving and self-parking and they are actually in the testing phase. This is not the only thing that car owners can expect; there are other technologies in the development phase as well. Drivers should expect to see great advancements in their Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville as discussed below.

Electronic Sun Visor

In many instances, sun visors fail to work as they are intended to. This is particularly the case in the mornings and evenings when the sun is shining directly on the drivers’ faces. In theory, it is possible to use smart glass technology to block the sun’s rays. You can do this by using the directions of a computer with sensors and determine where the sunlight enters and the position of the drivers’ eyes. VW has been busy working on such an idea for almost a decade. Drivers are looking forward to seeing it materialize in the future.

Steering Wheel Mounted Touchpads

This technology is still in the initial stages. The touchpads get mounted on both sides of the steering wheel and drivers can input commands with their thumbs. Although the technology is being developed for the global market, it will be easier for drivers to use the touchpads in the Western European and English alphabet.

IBeetle App

This app allows complete iPhone integration to the VW Beetle. It docks into the vehicle and allows functions like the ability of drivers to read Facebook posts and tweets while on the move. They can also take and upload pictures directly to their Facebook accounts. It also allows them to record driving data and logs like the amount of time they use driving with their sunroof down. They can also upload it to social media.

Technology Features

The new 2018 VW Jetta is expected to come with high-tech features that will keep passengers entertained, safe, and connected while on the road. For example, drivers can use the App-Connect feature that makes it easy for their compatible smartphones to pair with the touchscreen infotainment system. Other high tech gadgets have been added, including Android Auto, satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, rear traffic alert, and Fender audio system.

Photo Souvenir

This is technology that shows that cars can learn. Vehicles get mounted with four GoPro cameras that are supposed to take photos every five seconds. This means that a driver can get 6,000 pictures if they take a two-hour trip. The car sorts through the pictures and picks the best to upload on the driver’s social media. Apart from taking pictures, the vehicle learns about the drivers’ likes and dislikes and later gives suggestions accordingly.