Automotive Tools for an Oil Change

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Automotive Tools for an Oil Change

When owning a Volkswagen Atlas, Libertyville, drivers want to make sure that they are able to maintain their vehicle, so that it maintains its integrity for years to come. Changing your own oil will save time and money. It is a relatively simple task as long as the right tools are available. It is important to have all of the necessary tools ready before getting started so they are right there when needed.

Floor Jack

Most cars will need to be lifted off of the ground so that you can get under them to drain the oil. Simply place a floor jack under the car’s frame and use the jack’s lever to lift the car as high as it needs to be to safely slide under it. Be very careful to properly place the jack under the car’s frame.

Set of Socket Wrenches

A 3/8 drive socket set is necessary to change a car’s oil. This tool is needed to loosen the drain plug on the oil pan. Different cars will require a different socket size so a few may need to be tried to find the one that fits.

Set of Combination Wrenches

A set of combination wrenches are necessary when a socket wrench will not loosen the drain plug. A closed-end wrench should be used when using a combination wrench instead of a socket wrench.

Oil Pan

An oil pan is necessary to catch the old oil that is drained prior to putting in the new oil. This tool will be placed under the car’s drain plug once it is loosened.

Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter wrench is used to loosen and remove the oil filter. This oil changing tool is also used to help tighten the new oil filter once it is ready to be put on.


A funnel is a tool used to help pour the new oil into the car once the old oil is drained out. A basic plastic automotive funnel is all that is needed.

Other Tools

There are a few other items that can help make changing a car’s oil easier. These include some plastic milk jugs with lids that screw on to place to old oil in, a pair of rubber gloves to protect the hands from the oil and from being stained by the oil, and some old towels and cat litter or sand to help sop up any oil spillage.

You can see that gathering the right supplies for your next oil change is not hard. All of these are easy to find at any auto parts or hardware store. These will make it quick and easy to change the oil on your Volkswagen Atlas in Libertyville.

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