Bad Credit? Top Loan Tips!

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It doesn’t matter if a person has bad credit or good credit, the chance is they will need transportation. While it is simple for someone with great credit to receive financing, someone with bad credit may be tempted to use a buy here pay here dealer. That isn’t always the best answer, payments will be high and issues that come up will not be so easy to deal with. It is entirely possible to receive an auto loan even with poor credit.


Someone with bad credit should try to improve their score before buying a car if possible. Making credit card payments on time and not adding new items to the credit report starting a few months before the purchase can have an impact on one’s score at the time of the purchase. If this isn’t possible, a budget at least should be considered. Buyers should be sure they have a clear idea of the monthly payments they can afford, being wary over overestimating.


Before visiting a Libertyville Volkswagen dealership, one should have an idea of what cars they can afford. Not only that, but the person will have a better idea of which cars have the best safety features, which are the most reliable, and which will fit the needs of their family. Once the person knows all of this, they can visit the dealer to get a better idea and get pre-approved for a loan. The person does not need to purchase a car on the first trip to a car lot. Instead, it is smart to test drive and consider the options for a few days before making a final decision.

Make a Down Payment

With bad credit, a down payment will be necessary. The higher the down payment, the less loan a person will need and the lower the payments will be. A person should be sure to have as much as possible to put down on their new vehicle to ensure the best rates. A higher down payment can make it possible to afford a more expensive vehicle, or to add few features the buyer would like to have, but may not be able to afford in the monthly budget.

Consider Refinancing

An auto loan will help someone build credit. Because of this, it is never too early to consider refinancing. While it may be a year or two down the road, it could be a possibility if the loan contributes to raising a credit score. Since low scores lead to high interest rates, lowering these in the future should be thought over. Knowing how to handle a low credit score makes the feeling of driving a new Volkswagen around Libertyville much more satisfying.

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