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Whether it’s a Passat, a Beetle, a Touareg or a Jetta, the Volkswagen choice is the right one. Volkswagen has some of the best options available when it comes to dependable, affordable, and safe consumer vehicles. Initially built in the early 1930s to serve the German public, Volkswagen has since taken the world by storm with their excellent choice of quality mass-produced vehicles.

Finding A Volkswagen Jetta Near Libertyville, Illinois

Finding a dealership in your area could be a simple click or call away. Thanks to the technology of today, GPS positioning makes it easy to find a local dealership. There are several options out there when it comes to finding the right kind of dealership, and thankfully, the northern Illinois state area is ripe for the taking! That next drive could be up the gorgeous Michigan Lake coast, it’s time to get ready for the adventure!

The Volkswagen Jetta: What Can One Expect?

These functional, dependable, and practical automatic 6-speed 1.4L 4 cylinder beasts are ready to take on any city street that North America has to offer. These affordable sedan and coupe options come well equipped for the sports enthusiast, young professional, or family person. Stepping into a Volkswagen Jetta is like stepping into a tank built for the common, everyday person. The Jetta’s easy to understand manual and dash make it a breeze to drive, in any condition.

It’s no wonder countless Americans are opting for the German manufacturer’s supreme quality and reliability, instead of other options. These vehicles stand the test of time, and there are dedicated experts ready to take on any issue that inevitably develops with any car.

Volkswagen: Interesting Historical Facts

Volkswagen was born in 1937, but that entire decade saw a lot of unprecedented innovations in the automotive sector that would change the way everyday Germans got around. At that time, Germany only produced luxury cars that were practically unattainable to the German public. Only about 1 in every 50 Germans owned a car, as most traveled by motorcycle.

Enter Volkswagen. Volkswagen was one of the first to successfully compete in a German pilot project aimed at manufacturing a “people’s car”. However, not all of the credit must go to Volkswagen, as Mercedes had released a model designed to fit the “people’s car” philosophy of that era as well.

The original Volkswagen “VW” sign that is so iconic today initially harbored that iconic “VW” lettering except that it was placed inside a cogwheel that brandished swastika wings on the sides.

Wolfsburg, although an historical castle village, came to prominence once more in 1938 as it became the first Volkswagen factory headquarters. It serves as a town for the plant’s workers and is actually one of the largest car plants in the world!

Volkswagen Jetta Libertyville

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