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The Volkswagen car brand is popular for building the most thrilling cars regarding the rider experience. Despite the smaller car sizes, most of them are sleek and ergonomic. The car design is just perfect not only to the eye but also in providing the desired comfort to the users. The introduction of the Volkswagen Atlas in Libertyville has brought a revolution in the car industry.

The model is a massive achievement and the largest offering the brand presented to market. The car is original and offers magnificent performance, which has made it to enlarge its customer base. Volkswagen Atlas soars high in Libertyville owing to the advanced features, functionality, and performance in addition to the luxury and affordability of the car.

Why VW Atlas?

The car is the largest among the SUV models ever the company ever produced. The truck is more than five meters long and two meters wide. It might be dimensionally smaller but the largest in brand’s lineup the manufacturer’s record.

Besides, the car presents a unique design. It is the curved image of a muscle car and comes in vibrant colors. With a perfect trimming designed for any prevailing weather conditions, it runs on a powerful engine system that places it among the best performing cars. Just like most cars in the brand, the Atlas is highly agile and has a perfect handling. It provides safe navigation in meandering and winding country roads. It offers the best comfort in the urban traffic and no noise due to the insulated cabin

The car has the best seating with the perfect legroom. It is spacious for comfortable accommodation even in the worst of drives. The car has adequate trunk space and other adjustable storage spaces. This is because the seats can fold to create more space.

Driver Assistance

Additionally, this model has inbuilt driver assistance functionalities and features. It gives warning for forward collision and when the driver attempts to leave the lane. It has monitoring systems for the blind spot and drive controls to keep the riders safe. It is inbuilt with autonomous braking systems in the cases of emergency and when the car is about to be parked. This feature of the Volkswagen Atlas in Libertyville stands out because of the capability to assist the driver.

The Atlas has a quality built-in entertainment system providing the right navigation, diagnostics, and amusement. The infotainment system connects to the major players. It has Apple Carplay, Mirror Link, and Android Auto. The 2018 edition has the Fender Premium audio systems integrated to twelve powerful peripheral speakers operating on 480-watt amplifier. This is an advanced stereo system not popular with competitor models.

Volkswagen Atlas is popular in Libertyville due to its high performance, versatility, ambience and the user aided functionalities making the car comfortable, easy, and safe for the best rider experience.

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