Even Though it is Compact, The Volkswagen Tiguan is a Spacious Crossover

February 14th, 2019 by

There are a number of great reasons to purchase a compact crossover. These vehicles are attractive, efficient and come equipped with great entertainment features. However, even though they are classified as “compact,” these vehicles also come equipped with an abundance of space for passengers. A prime example of this is the Volkswagen Tiguan; this carefully crafted compact crossover vehicle comes with a generous amount of space for front and back seat passengers.

When evaluating the interior space of a vehicle, it is always best to start in the front. As one would expect, the front of the Volkswagen Tiguan is quite spacious. It offers drivers and front seat passengers 39.6 inches of headroom, 40.2 inches of legroom and 57 inches of shoulder room. This makes the Volkswagen Tiguan a great choice for drivers and front seat passengers that need a little bit of extra space.

It may not have the exact same amount of space, but the back of the Volkswagen Tiguan is still generously spacious. The back of the vehicle has a total of 38.9 inches of headroom, 38.7 inches of legroom and 38.7 inches of shoulder room. The difference between the front and the back of the Volkswagen Tiguan is merely a fraction of an inch in each area.

After taking a ride in the Volkswagen Tiguan, no one can deny how spacious it is. Anyone who is currently interested in purchasing a new or used Volkswagen Tiguan should head on over to Muller Volkswagen in Highland Park, IL. Our amazing team has years of experience and industry knowledge under their belts. Feel free to come with any questions that you may have about the Volkswagen Tiguan.


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