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Finding the right kind of Libertyville Volkswagen dealership is easy thanks to upper Illinois state being home to some of the best car dealership options available. Whether it is Deerfield, Bannockburn, Northbrook, or Highland Park, the towns that surround Libertyville all provide luxurious and practical car dealership solutions. But the choice is clear: Volkswagen. Volkswagen is one of the best, most reliable automotive companies in the world. Simply getting inside a Volkswagen could change the way one perceives the automotive world. The German manufacturer has been competing with other beasts in the industry and has come out on top for decades!

German Manufacturing At Its Best

The world knows just how durable and dependable the German automotive sector is. The nation continues to be a stalwart when it comes to building strong and easy to use vehicles. What makes Volkswagen so great has a lot to do with the German ethos of efficiency, consistency, and innovation. Whether it is Volkswagen or not, making the choice to switch to a German manufacturer can end up saving a driver time, money, and stress. As there are now more body shops available in North American than ever before, one need not worry about properly servicing a vehicle of this calibre at a reputable shop anymore. Having a quick look at some of the most popular VW models available should help guide someone into knowing what VW solution is best for them.

The Beetle

The era-resistant VW Beetle. Initially mass-produced in the 1930’s by the German people as an affordable vehicle for the German people, the VW Beetle was the first VW model type, officially known then as the “Volkswagen Type 1.” The classic bug has undergone modifications from one generation to the next. It is a favourite for sports enthusiasts and soccer moms alike! Its smooth shape and dependability make it a popular choice for many different kinds of drivers, from all walks of life.


One of VW’s most successful sedans is the Jetta. A perfect vehicle for families or anybody who needs to carry more than the Golf or Rabbit can offer. This practical choice has been around since the late 1970’s and is a continual consumer’s choice year after year!


Both the VW Tiguan (2009-present) and the VW Touareg (2009-present) are exceptional hybrid SUV powerhouses. These beautiful, sleek, and luxurious cars offer countless solutions for the sports enthusiast, adventurer, family person, or work person. Interestingly enough, these models aren’t actually hybrid SUV’s, but are actually considered to be a compact crossover vehicle (CUV). They’re a lot smaller, more compact, and more fuel-efficient than those other gas guzzling SUV’s out there.

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