Great Tips for Maintaining a New Car

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Car manufacturers pride themselves on creating durable designs and low-maintenance vehicles. Whether people choose a classic car or a new Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville, they can get the reliable ride they want simply by following a few basic maintenance tips. Try some of these tips and see just how easy it can be to keep a car in tip-top shape.

Regular Oil Changes

The first step in maintaining any vehicle is keeping up with oil changes. If the oil in the engine becomes depleted, it can cause the sensitive components to start rubbing up against each other. While this doesn’t usually cause immediate damage, it can be a serious issue the longer it goes on. Every small scratch or grind adds up, eventually leading to the breakdown of the engine. Keeping the oil fresh and plentiful is a simple way to prevent some major engine issues.

Talking to a Mechanic

When the driver takes their car in to a dealership or to a specialized mechanic, they may want to consider getting a vehicle inspection. Mechanics who specialize in a particular make can examine all of the components of the vehicle and identify signs of wear. They will be able to determine if the fuel filter, brake pads, spark plugs, or other components need to be replaced. They can also suggest preventative maintenance steps specific to the vehicle or note any future concerns. This helps the driver make more informed decisions when it comes to routine maintenance.

Keep It Covered and Clean

It’s no secret that rust is a major concern of drivers. Keeping the car protected from the elements is one way to help prevent rust from forming. The vehicle will likely still be exposed to rust hazards, such as salt from the roads. Taking the vehicle to the local express car wash, even in the winter, can help wash away salt and dirt that could lead to body damage. To keep the car clean, a wash is often recommended every two weeks.

Windshield Wipers

Nothing is more annoying than trying to clear the rain off of a vehicle and seeing streaks of dirt. While this is an everyday issue for many drivers, replacing and cleaning the windshield wiper blades is usually low on a driver’s list of priorities. If the driver doesn’t want to have to worry about it, they should simply replace the blade every 6 months. Whenever they stop for gas, they should take a towel and wipe the blade, just to be on the safe side.

Some preventative maintenance can go a long way. To learn more about car maintenance in Libertyville, talk to a local dealership.

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