Is It Worth It to Upgrade to an SUV?

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Trading in a sedan for a new SUV can be a difficult decision. Sedans tend to be better on gas mileage and are easier to navigate on narrow streets. However, there are several reasons why someone would need more space, durability, or features. Whether a person needs to accommodate a lifestyle change or they want to feel more comfortable on their daily drive, making the upgrade can help. Here are just some of the many great features SUVs have.

Additional Seating

Most people choose to upgrade from a sedan to an SUV because they need the extra space. A typical mid-size SUV will seat seven people comfortably, whereas a sedan typically seats five. Unlike a sedan, an SUV has the space to spread the seats out. Typically, the vehicles feature bench seating in the back and two additional bucket seats. In most cases, these seats are removable to quickly turn the SUV into a moving van.

Off-Roading Adventures

While there is a big difference between a monster truck and a mid-size SUV, there is also a huge difference between a small sedan and an SUV. Service utility vehicles are designed to be durable and capable of handling a wide range of road conditions. While they may not be seen as a typical off-roading vehicle, they are capable of going off the beaten path. Upgrade from a sedan before going on a cross-country adventure.

Storage Space Galore

SUVs are the perfect road trip vehicle. While sedans have trunk and roof space, SUVs have removable seating. They are designed for carrying large loads. Even if the vehicle is carrying a full load of people, there is still plenty of space in the aisles, in front of the seats, under the seats, and in the trunk to accommodate everyone. Additional storage can be found throughout the vehicle, helping drivers keep everything neat and organized.

New Technology

Now is the perfect time to upgrade from a car to an SUV. Technology has grown at an astronomical rate over the past few years, making SUVs safer and more enjoyable to drive. Buying a practical SUV, such as a Volkswagen Atlas in Libertyville, puts the driver in touch with dozens of excellent features. Easy-to-read touchscreens, rear-view cameras, and improved audio systems are only the beginning.

Whether a person is accommodating to a new family member or they want the space to stretch out during their commute, upgrading to an SUV can help. Talk to a local dealership about the newest SUVs on the market and how they can make driving a pleasure.

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