Is Volkswagen Passat Ruling the Car Industry?

April 13th, 2018 by

It is commonplace to find people driving guzzler cars in the guise of displaying their financial muscle and their economic success. The cars might be screaming how much the owners have achieved, but the latter might be suffering in silence. Guzzlers, just as the names suggest, are eating and ripping the owners to the bone. One auto company has come to the rescue of many to get credit for the advent of classy, performing, luxurious executive cars while keeping the pricing very competitive. Volkswagen has introduced numerous models to the market that car enthusiasts can never afford to ignore. The Volkswagen Passat in Libertyville has been and remains the towering brand of choice to many.

Why is Passat Becoming the Preferred Choice?

The car comes in different versions fit for every occasion. Regular official users can go for the business edition matching them, and so are the family and people on vacations. The car continues to thrive in the industry due to improved performance and advanced functionalities integrated in the systems. More features have improved the performance of the car, such as:

Economical fuel consumption: The contemporary car generation of the Volkswagen Passat is more than efficient in gas usage. The car runs on the turbocharged engine, which has made it have an outstanding performance and fuel management. It is the most efficient among the midsize cars. In fact, the car uses 30 MPG doing city rounds and 44 MPG while on the highway. It is the highest performing car in the category.

Body build: Volkswagen Passat as observed by the user in Libertyville comes with admirable interior designs and décor. The car is well trimmed and comes in a flashy outlook both on the inside and outside. Every owner is proud of possessing the car because it never goes out of style.

Increased engine performance:  This makes it powerful for any intended utility. It uses both manual and automatic transmission systems operating on a standard front wheel drive. Its engine is higher than the EPA standards for utmost performance with a horsepower range of 150 to 280 producing a resultant torque of 236 and 258 lb. ft. consecutively for the 3.6 liters V-6 engine.

Overall, the car is built with special features besides the top-notch interior design. It is made of high-quality materials and control systems. The infotainment systems, car-net functionalities, and safety control are interactive, intuitive and simple to use. It has high visibility, improved braking and stability controls, and airbags, which are the important attributes for safety.

It is spacious and perfect for individual users and families, a feature making the Volkswagen Passat in Libertyville the most preferred car. It has adequate room for an excellent payload and is largely comfortable, providing satisfactory rides and unforgettable experiences.

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