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Every year Jetta is pushing forward what the automobile can do. Some years see more advancement than others. This is one such year. The Volkswagen Jetta here in Libertyville has all that the 2017 models have to offer. Here are some of the major changes to look forward to on price changes, upgrades and different and better new improved features.

Model and Price Changes

The current 2017 model lineup has been cut down a little more. The last round of Jettas were numbered at seven models compared to the now four. Some of these models that were cut include: the diesel engine Jetta, and other hybrid models – all have since left. The basic S model has increased by a few hundred dollars, along with the SE, SEL and GLI which have additional improved equipment. Overall, the 2017 model offers extended standard equipment that comes with any Jetta for a modest price increase.

Four Models Specifications

Come into a dealership in Libertyville and you’ll see that Volkswagen has cut down the Jetta to these four models. The four trimmed models are as follows: the S, SE, SEL and GLI. All of these cars have a four cylinder engine. The diesel and Jetta Hybrid were dropped for internal issues for the company as a whole. As far as anybody knows now – these are temporary measures and the models may return one day. But for now these are the important models to consider.

The baseline S is a sedan that comes with a 1.4 liter four-cylinder and is turbocharged; additionally it comes with a five-speed manual transmission. A standard feature that comes on all of the models includes a backup camera and LED lights along with 16 inch wheel frame. These are some of the standard features that a driver gets with a modest price increase.

The SE comes with the addition of a moonroof, a specialized VW Car-net connectivity – a network built specifically to connect seamlessly with any type of smartphone and a traffic alert system. On top of all of this the seats are adorned in leather for added comfort. The SEL comes with a 1.8 liter and six-speed automatic transmission. There is autonomous braking and cruise control along with a premium model version of specialized headlights.

Lastly the most powerful Jetta lineup is the GLI. It returns with a 2.0 liter engine and comes with everything else the previous models had. It has increased engine power and a great value proposition.

A simplified Jetta lineup with all around standard features makes this car one of the top 2017 cars to grace driver’s radars.

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