Sunroof: Pros and Cons

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When buying a car, there are a lot of optional features to choose from. For those with a budget above the factory model, these additions can make a ride more enjoyable, easier, and more luxurious. One of the most popular additions people consider adding is a sunroof. With many types, including moonroofs and panorama sunroofs, deciding if one is worthwhile can be tough. There are many reasons people love them, and many reasons people avoid them. Choosing one based on these pros and cons can keep someone from regretting the decision.


Air Flow- One of the main reasons people choose a sunroof is to add more airflow, especially in nice weather. A sunroof can let in the air with less sound than rolling down the windows. This breeze makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable.

View- The view through a sunroof is beautiful, especially at night when looking up at the stars. Although it is unsafe for a driver to look through the roof, passengers can enjoy the views. Gazing up while at stops can put a smile on the driver’s face as well.

Cosmetically Pleasing- The biggest reason people choose to get a sunroof is personal preference. The look of one adds style and luxury to a vehicle and many people choose to add one for this reason alone. Even those who do not use the sunroof often can enjoy the look of having one as they cruise around Libertyville in their Volkswagen Passat.


Cost- For those with a lower budget, the extra price of a sunroof is often enough to sway the decision. The extra costs may not be affordable or are preferred for more practical upgrades. For cars without one already installed, even more costs go into adding one.

Noise- For those who do not like any sound from the outside in the car, the noise that an extra window lets in may be unwanted. While sunroofs can be quite, the extra seals still let in a little bit of sound that some drivers do not like.

Maintenance- With extra seals on the vehicle, a sunroof adds a potential maintenance cost. If one were to break or leak, they can be costly to fix. Having one installed in a non-factory approved garage can cause even more potential issues.

While sunroofs are enjoyed by some and disliked by others, the true decision comes down to personal preference. People who are on the fence about one should consider whether or not they will use it, if they can afford it, and of course, if they like the way it looks. Making an informed decision will create happiness in making the right choice that suits the car buyers choice.

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