Should Drivers Get Extended Warranties On New Or Used Vehicles?

November 6th, 2018 by

An extended warranty can be described as a service that drivers pay for to get extra peace of mind. Extended warranties offer coverage for things that are normally not covered by regular warranties from manufacturers. Some of the things in a Volkswagen from a Libertyville dealership that are covered include the engine, exhaust, AC, heating, regular wear and tear, and electrical systems. On the other hand, an extended warranty from a Libertyville Volkswagen dealership covers wear and tear components like brake pads, clutches, oil changes, and filters. These are all things that can be changed frequently during a vehicle’s lifespan. Also, an extended warranty can offer 24-hour technical and roadside assistance.

How Warranties Work

Basically, new cars come with manufacturers’ warranties to cover them for a couple of years or some set number of miles. The basic and powertrain warranties cover most new cars. However, both of them exist separately, and the basic warranty might cover the car for 50,000 miles and 48 months while an extended warranty comes with a 6-year-old warranty and 70,000 miles on top.

As soon as the manufacturers’ warranties expire, the extended warranty comes in. Most dealers will try to get their clients to purchase extended warranties even though they will not need them for a number of years. Extended warranties frequently provide drivers with coverage that goes beyond the period that most of the repairs take place.

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Extended Warranty?

The most important time to purchase a warranty is when someone is buying a used vehicle. Most often, automobile owners who had their vehicles under warranty would have received the required repairs. This is normally because such persons are looking forward to getting the most out of their investments. Also, there are those who buy warranties because they pay extra attention to their vehicles and want them to remain in tip-top condition.

Individuals considering buying used vehicles should consider automobiles with extended warranties. This is because these cars are likely very well maintained. These buyers will definitely benefit in many ways because the vehicles in question might require more repairs and the manufacturer’s warranty may be expired.

Normally, third-party extended warranties take effect whenever vehicles require repairs. If the warranty was from a dealership, they would repair the faults in the automobile. However, if the warranty is from another third party, they will have to inform the providers that certain repairs are needed. Some of these warranty contracts impose deductibles to clients that include pre-visit and pre-repair deductibles. These are normally explained in the contract.