Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator

When owning a Volkswagen Jetta, Libertyville drivers want to know when their vehicle might require attention from a mechanic. It is important to prepare in advance and know when something is wrong. This will ensure that you get prompt attention from your mechanic, so that the issue is not able to become worse and costlier with time.

This part is considered to be a major engine management component. Almost all internal combustion engines contain this part in one form or another in the vehicle’s fuel system. It works to make sure that as gas goes through the system that it is going so at the right pressure. By ensuring the right level of fuel pressure, your engine is able to operate at an optimal level. Since this part is so important for fuel regulation and ensuring that your engine has what it needs, you want to know what symptoms can occur when it is faulty, so that you can promptly get it replaced.

Fuel Pressure Problems

When it comes to issues with fuel pressure, there are two problems that might happen when this part is faulty. The first is not enough pressure and the second is excessive pressure. There is also a chance that the building up of fuel pressure might be delayed.

You See Smoke

When this part is bad, it is possible to notice black smoke that exits from your exhaust. This is most common when you are starting your vehicle. When you start the car, it is also possible for oil to start coming out of the engine when this part is bad. This is an issue that is referred to as rich engine running.

Your Vehicle is Stalling and Sputtering

Your engine can start to stumble or sputter when this part is starting to go bad. This will happen when the vehicle is running. When you start your car, it is possible for the vehicle to stall out shortly after. Rough running can also happen as a result of a faulty fuel pressure regulator. There are some cases where you will not be able to start the engine at all.

You Are Hearing a Strange Noise

When this component is faulty, there is a chance that you might notice an odd noise. The noise tends to come from the fuel pump and it is usually quite loud and noticeable.

You can see that after leaving the dealership, should this part go bad, your vehicle will alert you. Now that you know about this issue, you can keep an eye out for the symptoms, helping you to ensure that your new Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville runs like new for years to come.

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