Signs of Bad Front Ball Joints on Your Vehicle

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Signs of Bad Front Ball Joints on Your Vehicle

After leaving the VW dealers, Libertyville drivers want to be aware of how mechanically sound their vehicle is and this includes ensuring their front ball joints are in good condition. A vehicle’s ball joints are typically located in the front of the vehicle and they are a part of its suspension.

They connect the steering knuckles to the control arms, and this component is present on almost every modern vehicle on the road. They are located in a socket and are a type of spherical bearing. You can almost compare ball joints to the human hip because they are similar to the ball and socket joint. They make it possible for the suspension and front wheels of a vehicle to move up and down, and back and forth when you are driving. There are a few symptoms of bad ball joints in minivans that can be easily recognized once you know what they are.

Abnormal Noises

A bad ball joint will often make a clunking noise when the vehicle is driven over small bumps or potholes in the road. This noise will be heard in the front end of the vehicle in the area of the suspension A knocking noise is also possible and this might indicate that the joints are loose in the socket due to wearing out over time.

Issues With Alignment

Bad ball joints can cause alignment issues. When the alignment is askew, the vehicle will pull hard to the left or the right when it is being driven. This might not be apparent in the early stages of wear, but as the joints get worse, it will be a very noticeable issue.

Tires Have Uneven Wear

A bad ball joint can cause uneven tire wear. This occurs as a result of alignment issues. When your tires are not in good condition, you are at risk for a blowout which could result in an accident. It is imperative to have any worn tires promptly replaced and to determine the underlying cause right away or else your new tires will just wear unevenly too.

Suspension Collapse

When ball joint failure becomes severe, the vehicle’s suspension can collapse. When it collapses, it can completely come apart resulting in the inability to control the vehicle. This can be a dangerous situation, especially if you are traveling at a high rate of speed when it happens.

You can see that when the ball joints start to wear out on your vehicle after leaving the VW dealers in Libertyville, you should not wait to replace them. Just have the job done by a reputable mechanic who is familiar with working on this brand of vehicles.

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