The New 2017 Passat Feel

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There are a lot of features to like on a new Passat. It is a well built car and roomy compared to many other midsize vehicles. Recent changes at Volkswagen have changed the Passat to only run on regular fuel – as diesel has hit the road. Even without this engine, the Passat coasts on a cool turbo four engine cylinder that gets great gas mileage at around 25 plus mile per gallon. It’s a smooth quiet ride for a vehicle that gets the job done.

Interior Features

The inside features of a Passat contend with any other Volkswagen you could find in Libertyville. There is an interactive navigation screen that flows seamlessly with the stereo system. Comfortable seats add an additional benefit to something that the whole family can drive in. Additionally it holds up against an SUV or hatchback at that as there is ample trunk room.

The newest system inside features the MIB II, which is one of the newest Volkswagen entertainment and informative systems for an all encompassing feature for the ride. All cars come equipped with a touchscreen as standard equipment. Different head units range from 5 or 6.33 inch displays.

The Passat as a Unique Vehicle

This car delivers as all together great ride for a midsize sedan. Many cars at this size have to compromise to get the right balance between form and functionality. The compromises that Volkswagen has chosen are done in a manner that is hard to find or criticize. For example take the legroom in the back. The room is incredibly spacious and feels like something out of a larger full-size car or even an SUV. No car can beat the Passat on the size of legroom in the back seat.

Additionally the trunk has ample room for families to store luggage, sports gear, and for the run to the grocery store. It’s a great way to save money over the more pricey SUVs and larger vehicles. For a sedan under thirty thousand dollars, the engine and transmission provides a smooth ride that isn’t overtly fast or slow and downtrodden. The highway mileage is another feature to look out for on the Passat.

Overall the larger features on the Passat is going to win over a lot of drivers. Most of all the passengers are going to feel these extra features. There are personal air vents in the back and USB ports for cell phones and devices. The front driver and passenger won’t miss out either with a dashboard that has an interactive and easy user interface with crisp gauges and a touchscreen with a great menu structure and beautiful graphics.

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