The Volkswagen Golf Totes a Fun Entertainment System

November 15th, 2018 by

Anyone that says that getting there is half the fun has never been on a multiple day road tip. It can be brutal to be stuck in a car for hours on end with nothing to do. Thankfully, the Volkswagen Golf has you covered. The Golf has a great entertainment system that will keep the driver and all of the passengers happy.

The Volkswagen Golf comes equipped with a 6.5” touchscreen LCD monitor, which is located in the front of the vehicle. The monitor has AM/FM radio capabilities, USB and AUX inputs, and BlueTooth connectivity. The vehicle totes an 8 speaker audio entertaining system, meaning you can listen to your favorite playlist as loud as you want.

There is more to the Volkswagen Golf’s radio than one might think. The radio offers seek-scan, a clock, speed compensated volume control steering wheel controls and a radio data system. All of these aspects make the Volkswagen Golf an even more entertaining vehicle.

The Volkswagen Golf has a handful of other aspects to its entertainment system, including an audio theft deterrent system and an integrated diversity roof antenna.

The Volkswagen Golf is a wonderful vehicle that is fun to drive. Thankfully for all passengers, the Golf is also fun to ride in as well. The Golf has an outstanding entertainment system that really gives you a bang for your buck. From the diverse touchscreen to the amazing 8 speaker audio entertainment system, the Volkswagen Golf offers a good time on the road. Anyone interested in purchasing a Volkswagen Golf should swing by Muller Volkswagen in Highland Park, IL. We offer a wide variety of Golfs and other fine Volkswagen vehicles. Our experienced team is always happy to help you find the perfect vehicle, regardless of it is new or used. Head on down today if you have any questions about the Volkswagen Golf’s entertainment system.

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