The Volkswagen Jetta Has Extremely Comfortable and Functional Seats

February 14th, 2019 by

Regardless if you are in a seat for five minutes or five hours, it is important for it to be comfortable; especially if it is in a vehicle. By driving a vehicle with uncomfortable seats, drivers are putting themselves at risk of aches, pains or other bodily harm.

However, aside from being comfortable, it is important for a vehicle seat to be functional. This allows the driver to be efficient on the road. Although it is difficult for vehicle manufacturers to find this perfect balance, there are a handful who have succeeded. One of them is Volkswagen; this vehicle manufacturer has created a number of vehicles with high- quality seats, including the Jetta.

The Volkswagen Jetta comes equipped with high-quality front seats. These seats have a smooth cloth backing that adds to the aesthetic appeal. The Volkswagen Jetta also comes equipped with a six-way manual driver’s seat with a height adjustment function. The vehicle also has a four-way manual front passenger seat.

In the back, the Volkswagen Jetta has a 60/40 folding bench, front-facing fold-forward rear seat. This functional back seat folds down, creating more storage space in the vehicle. This makes the Volkswagen Jetta a great vehicle for any family that heading out for road trips and vacations.

It is easy to see that the Volkswagen Jetta has high-quality seats in the front and the back. These high-quality seats have a number of both functional and fashionable aspects, making the Volkswagen Jetta perfect for a number of different drivers. Anyone that is interested in purchasing a Jetta or any other Volkswagen vehicle should swing by Muller Volkswagen in Highland Park, IL. We offer a wide selection of high-quality Volkswagen vehicles, including the extremely comfortable (and functional) Jetta.


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