The VW College Graduate Plan

May 7th, 2018 by

Buying a Volkswagen is a dream for many recent graduates in Libertyville. In fact, Libertyville Volkswagen dealerships are often contacted by students who have just finished school and are looking to reward themselves with a new vehicle to get around in.

Many graduates opt to buy new vehicles because now that their schooling is over they can focus on working full time, and this often involves traveling long distances. Buying a new vehicle is also a great way to treat oneself for all the discipline, hard work, and effort that they had managed to pull off in the past few years.

Of course, it can be slightly difficult to afford a brand new car when one has just finished paying for their education, and that is why the college graduate plan exists.

The college graduate plan is open to any individual who has recently graduated from a certified college or university program. Whether one has completed their associate’s degree, bachelors degree, masters, RN program, or PhD, this savings bonus is available for them as long as they are employed in a fulltime and permanent position. This bonus gives recent graduates $500 off of their purchase making a car more affordable.

This plan is not only available for graduates but also for those who serve in the military or are war veterans and also for first responders. People may wonder why a company is willing to offer bonuses to such people, but the answer is quite simple.

Graduates, first responders (such as police officers and firefighters) and military personnel are all serving the country in a brave and amazing way. Graduates are the future of the economy and the future leaders of this great country. Military veterans and first responders show in the purest way possible that they are willing to do anything to protect their people and naturally this attitude deserves to be rewarded.

Apart from this bonus, another way to save money on a vehicle is to buy it used. Used vehicles have a lot of potential and generally look and work like they are brand new; they simply come with a lower price tag.

Students always dream of owning their own car, and that is often their first aim after graduating and paying off their college fees.The college graduate plan is a great way to make that dream become a reality and save an extra $500 when purchasing one’s new car. Graduates, first responders, and military personnel can really benefit from this generous bonus. If a person is looking to  save even more money then they should also consider buying a used car instead of buying it brand new.