A Brief Account Of The Volkswagen Atlas

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Since its advent in the 1930’s, Volkswagen has been one of the most popular passenger car solutions available, decade after decade! Sleek designs that bend with the era, affordable prices, a utilitarian-based manufacturing philosophy, and all around functionality make Volkswagen the car of the century. This brand has stood the test of time with remarkable models that never fail to be in the public’s eye. Such models may include, but are not limited to: the Beetle, Golf, Passat, or Jetta. Any one of these aforementioned models are stellar choices for any young professional, couple, or family; no matter the size! Whether it’s a sedan, coupe, sports car, minivan, or compact 2-door, Volkswagen has got it! Whether it’s in North America, Asia, or Europe, Volkswagen will manufacture the right car to work in that market!

The Volkswagen Atlas

Yes, Volkswagen does have other hybrids and mid-size SUV’s or CUV’s, but did you know that they have a line of full-size SUV’S?! That’s right!

The Volkswagen Atlas in Libertyville packs a punch and was created to compete with other gas guzzling SUVs. What’s great about the Atlas is that it is a concept diesel plug-in hybrid which makes it one of the most efficient crossover SUVs on the market today. Originally launched in 2013, the Atlas is the largest passenger car that Volkswagen has ever built. The Atlas is essentially a palace on wheels as it is outfitted with 17 cup holders, 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space, room for 3 child safety seats, standard Android and Apple connectivity, and parallel park-assisted technology. It was meant to blow other standard SUV crossovers out of the water, and blow them sky high out of the water it did as production of the Atlas has began in China, marketed as the Teramont.

The Volkswagen Tiguan And Touareg

Looking for something a little more compact, but still has that great crossover appeal? Look no further than the Tiguan and to a lesser extent the Touareg! These mid-size CUVs are great for the adventurer and sports enthusiast alike. Although they don’t seat as many as the beast that is the Atlas, the Tiguan and Touareg are both remarkable mid-size passenger car solutions.

A Hasty Decision Is A Messy Decision

Finding the right kind of Volkswagen car may take some time. That’s why it is important to consider other options available, and know that these are exceptional vehicles to purchase used or new. Shopping around, talking to other friends who own or have owned Volkswagens, and reading up on the attributes of the model in question will all help a driver decide what route is best to take when acquiring that first Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Atlas Libertyville

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