Volkswagen Jetta—the Comfort Behind the Wheel

April 13th, 2018 by

The enthusiasm about Volkswagen is amazing among car lovers. The number of people lately acquiring the car is constantly on the rise. There is something probably unique about the Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville. Well, many people ask why do people need private cars anyway, and what is the pride in owning a car? Answering the questions will probably tell you why customer loyalty towards Volkswagen constantly shoots up.

To begin with, Volkswagen models provide the best travel experience during the rides. They are high performing and can go the longest of miles after longer durations of use without developing mechanical problems. The cars are also capable of surviving all prevailing road conditions. They offer the desired comfort in worst weather conditions such as extreme cold in snowy regions, and rainy seasons. Of the car brands, the Volkswagen Jetta in Libertyville has become of particular interest to car enthusiasts within and outside the town.

Reasons For Owning the Volkswagen Jetta

The car will immensely save your fuel. It is now a common knowledge that Volkswagen Jetta is the perfect car for the economy class. Owners do not have to go deeper into their pockets to maintain the car. It delivers the best of gas mileage on very little gas refill. It also operates on a base turbocharged engine, which is powerful, efficient, and considerably economical. According to Volkswagen Jetta owners in Libertyville, the manual transmission system enables the users to maintain 28 mpg driving within the city and 40 mpg while on the highway. The automatic option will average up to 38 miles for every gallon.

The car provides the most comfortable and quiet ride. Some people would say they holistically reconnect with themselves the moment they step into the car. Despite the distance of drive, whether going for an excursion or doing normal rounds in the neighborhood or caught up in a traffic snarl ups, the Jetta will deliver the smoothest ride. With an insulated cabin, it ensures that users have the quietest journey.

The car is a perfect model for both lone riders and expansive families. Despite the classification as a compact sedan, the car is as spacious as the midsize model. It has bigger volume in the trunk to accommodate the family’s travel merchandise on a single ride.

The car has the best trim, classy and versatile. The car is always appealing and presents the classy taste to the owners. It is gracefully styled, and it takes decades to disfigure. The car wears gracefully while maintaining its sporty look.

They are the most exciting models in the lineup owing to the powerful turbo engine, advanced motor vehicle control systems, advanced safety functionalities, quality infotainment systems, and attractive pricing. Jetta will remain the top in the industry because of the listed features.

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