Volkswagen vehicles for families or big groups in Libertyville

November 8th, 2018 by

If you are the kind of driver who often drives the whole gang on a road trip or if you are someone who has a growing family then you may want to invest of a sizable, durable, and safe vehicle. When it comes to cars for huge groups in Libertyville, the German automaker Volkswagen is the one you can turn to because it offers vehicles such as the Tiguan or the Atlas. Before you buy your big car, here are some makes that you should know about.

  1. Tiguan

The Tiguan is a compact SUV that never lacks any room. It has been continuously updated and the latest model is much bigger than the previous ones. Therefore, if you are often traveling with a big group who bring a lot of luggage then the Tiguan is a great choice. On the latest variant, the Tiguan already has a third row available to cater to your passengers. Even if it was made a bit bigger, it still ensures an easy and stable drive.

The Tiguan is a good-looking SUV on the outside and on the inside. It is an attractive car that makes it one of the most admired vehicles on the road. Inside the car, it has a impressive design that complements the whole vibe of this SUV. In addition to its good looks, the Tiguan packs a lot of new techs that make driving fun and futuristic.

  1. Atlas

If you need something bigger, the Atlas is a midsize SUV that has a lot of space for adult passengers and their luggage. When it comes to space, this vehicle stands out because it can comfortably seat two adult passengers in its last row while still having space for extra baggage in the back. Even with a fully-loaded haul, the Atlas can drive with ease, thanks to its powerful V6 engine.

In terms of technology, this vehicle carries an improved infotainment system that works with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. If you are as much of an audiophile as you are a great car enthusiast. then you can have 12 Fender speakers installed for an amazing surround sound effect inside the car.

  1. Golf Alltrack

When it comes to dynamism on the road, the Golf Alltrack is a great choice. This station wagon accelerates fast but has a responsive brake system to ensure safety. It maneuvers with ease so you have ease of control of this massive vehicle. It ensures great handling so that you can operate it with ease wherever you choose to drive it. The newer Golf Alltrack has a better design that appears a lot smarter than its predecessors.