What Kind of Body Style Are You Looking For In A Vehicle?

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Forget about the myriad of car companies, models and options that are available to your everyday driver. One of the core choices in any car buying decision is what type of body suits the driver best. Step into the local VW dealers in Libertyville and the number of choices is astounding. It’s enough to cause decision fatigue. There is the usual round of sedans and coupes, right to wagons, SUVS and even crossovers. How should a driver wade through these near endless combinations of body style, aesthetics and more?

Some of these choices are common sense to the chosen bodystyle, while others require a little more brainpower to make a decision. Luckily, these style attributes are easy to make and streamline the decision process, making it easier for the driver.

Coupes and Convertibles

Walk into any VW dealer and the bright speedracer colors and smooth drop tops will have new and sentimental drivers alike thinking of brighter and sunnier days. This car makes a bold statement about its driver no matter what age group. It’s great for the youth who want to speed around and feel the rush of a new freedom or some older folks grasping for some of those old kicks.

These cars come with striking aerodynamic designs and are usually only two-seaters or a crunched backseat. But this car isn’t for those who strive for utility. It’s strictly form over function here.

Sedans and SUVS

These cars are both practical and stylish. All ages of drivers could do with one of these. It has enough room for children to ride safely and comfortably in the back without the difficulty of getting in and out of a coupe. SUVs pack a little more punch and are larger for those sports games on the weekends.

There’s a whole lot to do in Libertyville and our VW dealers know that we can meet any need and any lifestyle. That includes both the mundane and the extreme. Our different set of cars cover a multitude of needs.


A hatchback is classified as a five door vehicle in a sense. The larger backroom allows for all the versatility of a SUV but in a smaller more compact version. These have great fuel-economy and it’s a perfect fit for someone who is active and on the road a lot. Someone who might fit this category would include backpackers, hikers and generally active fitness people who need to transport a lot of extras.

All of these different alternatives should be considered before walking into any VW dealer. A driver’s individual style, intended driving need and visual preference are all on the line when choosing a unique body style.

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