Volkswagen Is One Of The Best Car Manufacturers Around

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Volkswagen, or VW as it is more commonly referred to, is one of the leading car manufacturers in Germany, and the entire world! Initially formed in the early 1930’s to support the needs of the ordinary German civilian, VW has grown into one of the top dogs of the industry. This is because the German manufacturer sticks to making dependable, affordable, and efficient vehicles that work in almost any terrain. Whether it is the tiny Rabbit or the multi-purpose Touareg, VW has a vehicle for any driver, for almost any occasion. Choosing VW means choosing quality at every turn. The best part about Volkswagen is that there are countless dealerships in the upper Illinois state area to choose from. Let’s take a look at what upper Illinois and VW has to offer.

VW Dealers In Libertyville

One of the greatest things about the northern portion of the state of Illinois is that it is home to some of the largest car dealership solutions in the entire mid-west! Libertyville, situated just a short drive north of Chicago, is a perfect destination for people living in Chicago who are looking for some commendable dealerships to approach. Choosing the right kind of dealership has a lot to do with location, as one may have to revisit locations before purchase and after purchase, for various reasons. So, choosing a location that is out of the way will likely lead to headache down the road. Put it this way, being close to a number of dealerships will also broaden one’s horizons in terms of it providing one with second, third, and even fourth opinions on the matter.


The VW Passat is one of the most popular sedan options available. Initially released in the 1970’s, the Passat was manufactured to meet the needs of the large family. Some models look like the average 4-door sedan or coupe, while others are stretched and meet the appearance of a station wagon. Whatever the model choice, the Passat has stood the test of time as one of the best sedans out there!


Unlike the larger Passat, the Golf was manufactured in the early 1970’s to meet the demands of the smaller family or couple. Sometimes marketed as the VW Rabbit or VW Caribe, the Golf is one of the most popular compact vehicle solutions the world over. Most models consist of the 3-door or 5-door hatchback variety, while others are available as a station wagon or convertible! The versatile Golf in all of its glory is one of the top VW models out there that continues to ignore the hype and do its own thing.

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