Which Accessories Should One Add to Their VW?

May 7th, 2018 by

There are many accessories that one can add onto their Volkswagen to make it run even smoother in Libertyville. New cars already come loaded with amazing features and functions that are designed to optimize one’s driving experience.

However, drivers are not limited to what they get when they purchase their car. By investing a little more money they can personalize their car and make it even more comfortable than before. There is a wide range of products, from cleaning supplies to comfort accessories, that one can purchase to ensure that they have the absolute best ride every time they step into their VW.

There are several things that drivers can purchase to improve the quality of their ride:

1.  Cleaning Chemicals

No matter where a person is, the cleaner the surroundings are, the better the experience is, and this holds especially true for car rides. Car carpet cleaners and mat protectors are fantastic for getting stains off of one’s car and also preventing dust and dirt buildup.

Just like one needs to wash and maintain the carpets at home, the carpets in one’s car have to be handled in the same way. Vehicles often see a lot of snow, slush, and dirt in the winter season and since people wear their shoes inside all year round the carpets can get seriously stained. Buying cleaning products designed specifically for car floors is a great way to prevent this grime from building up.

The exterior of the car can also be cleaned with car shampoo. Washing a car with car shampoo helps to preserve any polishing or wax finishes that were done on the car.

2. Comfort Enhancers

Another category of must-have accessories for every Volkswagen is buying additional accessories to enhances one’s comfort and ride experience. Sun shades are a great example of comfort enhancers. Sun shades can be bought and placed on the windows to help block out the sunlight and allow for a private and sun-free drive. These covers can be added and removed very easily whenever required.

Buying comfortable mats that are easy to clean is also a great way to make one’s ride more comfortable.

3. Decorative Accessories

Volkswagen body kits, high gloss mirror caps, and fancy gear shift knobs are a great way to enhance the look and design of a vehicle. One can literally dress their car up to change its personality and make it look unique.

By spending a little extra cash drivers can literally transform their driving experience. Buying the correct cleaning accessories, comfort enhancers such as sun shades, and decorative accessories can make an individual’s personal vehicle even more personal and fun to drive around Libertyville.