Why Opt for a Protection Plan?

May 7th, 2018 by

Everyone wants to keep their Volkswagen Passat safe in Libertyville, and that is why opting for a protection plan is a great idea for new car owners. The last thing anyone wants is to lose unnecessary money on unexpected expenses simply because they did not have the appropriate protection plan on their vehicle.

There are many different protection plans for car owners to choose from, and they all have one thing in common: they are designed to help the car owner keep their vehicle and bank accounts safe from unexpected incidents. The protection plans available include: vehicle service protection, term protection, lease-end protection, tire and wheel protection, multi-coverage protection, key protection, and theft protection.

With vehicle service protection or term protection, one can choose between gold coverage, powertrain coverage, or platinum coverage to ensure that they have unexpected repairs covered for them. Gold coverage covers the engine, axles, electric and transmission whereas platinum covers almost every car part that could ever need to be replaced. Instead of having to pay for unexpected repairs oneself, having a protection plan can ensure that one’s repairs are taken care of.

Lease-end protection is there for individuals who get hit by being informed that their VW is at a total loss because of some sort of extreme accident, natural disaster, or theft. If one’s insurers payments fall short of the original agreement, then a financial gap can occur and this is where lease-end protection steps in. Lease end protection removes this gap and can literally save one thousands of dollars.

Tire and wheel protection is also available. Tire and wheel protection allows a driver to have their tires repaired or even replaced if there is any damage that occurs to them due to an object on the road. If nails, glass or potholes damage one’s tires, then this protection will have the driver covered for up to seven years.

Multi-coverage protection offers many features in one package. With multi-coverage protection drivers  get reassurance for:

  • Tire & Wheel Protection (with Optional Cosmetic Coverage)
  • Dent Protection
  • Windshield Protection
  • Key Protection

Theft protection is one of the most important forms of protection one can put on their Volkswagen. Even though most car insurance programs cover the cost of one’s car if it is stolen, it often does not cover other fees and insurance deductibles. Theft protection can have one covered in all the other areas and make this difficult period easier.

There are many forms of protection that one can have placed on their VW. Being covered can really help one out in times of crisis and pay off in the long run.