Why the Interior of a Used Vehicle Should be Inspected Before Purchase

November 4th, 2018 by

Buying a used vehicle for the first time can be tricky. A vehicle purchase is probably the second biggest investment that anyone can make and thus, an automobile owner should ensure that everything is in order. That is why buyers should always inspect the vehicles they need to purchase from VW dealers in Libertyville thoroughly. Although many people get enticed by the outer appearances of vehicles, it is very important to get its interiors inspected as well to avoid future disappointments. After all, this is where they will be spending most of their time when using the automobiles.

What Should Be Inspected In a Car’s Interior?


As soon as the doors are opened, the inspector should smell the interior. In case they detect mildew, mold, or musty scents, that is an indication of water leaks. They should proceed to remove the floor mats and check for signs of wet spots on the vehicle’s carpet. Also, if the vehicle has an acrid smell, its previous owner is likely to have been a smoker, and this fact can be reaffirmed by the presence of burnt sections of seats and the upholstery on the doors. Some scents like smoke and mold can be difficult to eliminate, and so, if a buyer doesn’t like how a vehicle smells, they should simply get another one.


Additionally, you should test the vehicle’s seats including those in the rear. Their upholstery should be in good condition and not show signs of wear especially if the car has low mileage. Buyers should try all the seats to ensure they are appropriately cushioned. This will allow vehicle occupants to enjoy comfortable drives that are also ergonomic. The various controls that regulate the height of seats and adjust legroom should also be checked to make sure that they are operating as expected.

Sound System/Dashboard Controls

The radio should have good reception of AM and FM frequencies. If there is a CD player, it should be loaded to see whether it works correctly. In case the buyers plan on using an MP3 or an iPod while driving, they should bring them along to try them out too. Prospective buyers should also make certain that all the controls on the dashboard are functional by trying each one out.


The roof’s trim and headliner should be inspected for stains or sags to determine whether water can leak from the sunroof. Are the doors and windows well fitted? Also, if the vehicle has a moonroof or sunroof, does it open, shut, and seal properly? The convertible top should also be checked for tears and other forms of damage.